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Digital Marketing For Doctors & Surgeons

 Our team will create a custom-built strategy that will help you meet your marketing goals. We offer all the tools and services your practice needs to grow and thrive in the digital age! 

  • Social Media Marketing

     We create a long-term strategy to help generate more brand awareness and build stronger relationships with potential patients. The better your content, the more organic followers you gain, and the less money you’ll have to spend on each lead. Our social media marketing will convert users from potential leads to loyal patients. 

  • PPC & Google Ads

     Pay-per-click advertising is a simple and effective way to generate more traffic to your website faster. Your future patients are already looking for you. PPC ad messages are clear and to-the-point, making it easier for those future patients to find you. Let us create a strategy tailored to your practice. 

  • Email Marketing

     Patients still trust their doctor’s opinion more than what they find on google. Use email marketing to educate your patients by sending them links to your blog, important articles, or info about special events. If you’re looking to grow your email list, consider adding our advertising service to target future patients outside of your current subscribers. 

  • Content Marketing

     Online marketing for doctors doesn’t have to be boring, allow us to create well-crafted content for your practice that your current, past, and future patients can engage with. Having consistent and relevant content helps build credibility and puts you at the top of the search results. Future patients are already searching online for healthcare information and providers, let your content stand out against your competition. 

  • Website Design

     Having a website your future patients can visit to get to know you and your services is essential for the growth of your practice. They are also an important part of building trust with your patients, as websites can be seen as a direct link to you. If you need help with your existing website, we can help with that. If you need to develop a website from scratch, we can do that too.We can usually create your website in 30 days or less. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Organic Traffic

    It is our mission to get you the most views and clicks for the lowest cost possible and to help you rank above your competitors. The more optimized your content is, the higher your website will rank and the more frequently it will appear in search results. Save time and money by utilizing our SEO tools to increase your website traffic, and get your doctors and your practice in front of your future patients TODAY! 

Why Use Digital Marketing for your Practice?

You own a practice and you need a better way of reaching your current and future patients. Doctors are now using social media and websites to improve scheduling, educate patients, provide better customer service, and increase patient loyalty.

Did you know…

92% of US adults are using the internet, and 68% of users look online for information about doctors or other health professionals. That’s over half!

Studies also suggest that physicians & surgeons receive up to 49% of new patients by referral. That excellent review you just shared online could earn you multiple new patients!

Digital marketing for doctors & surgeons is so important for the success of your practice. Don’t be left behind while your competitors secure your prospective patients. With the increased use of online medical searches, we already know that your patients have changed the way they think about healthcare and providers. By offering marketing for doctors & surgeons, VisionOne is helping you find better ways to connect with your patients and attract new ones.

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What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing for your Practice?

The success and growth of your practice relies on patients, both current and future. In order to guarantee that you’ll continue moving forward, you need to increase your digital footprint. Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy by working with us

Increase opportunities for new patients

With over 3 billion social network users, social media has become a huge part of everyday life. We create a marketing strategy that will launch your practice into today’s social world, making you more accessible and more appealing to new patients.

Increase brand awareness and build confidence with new and existing patients

Brand awareness allows potential patients to become more familiar with you, your practice, and your services. Selecting a new doctor can be stressful, and with so many options, it’s sometimes hard to know who to trust. Your brand can make your new and existing patients feel more comfortable about their choice.

Build patient loyalty and a positive referral base

You’ve been told that you are amazing and that you really take the time to listen to your patients. Allow your current, satisfied patients to tell others how much they appreciate your services by creating a space for them to post reviews. Digital marketing for doctors isn’t just about creating a more attractive website or social media page, it’s also about creating a space for patients to tell the world how awesome you are.

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What makes our marketing for Doctors & Surgeons unique?

  • We Know Your Niche

     You wouldn’t expect your patients to trust a doctor with no medical experience, so why would you trust a marketing agency with no industry experience. Our knowledge of digital marketing for doctors has allowed us to create compelling content, increase website traffic, and put practices at the top of search results. Since we’ve worked with your niche before, we have a concrete idea of what works for your business and what doesn’t. This lets us jump right in and avoid any growing pains. 

  • Tailored to fit YOU

     Cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology. Not every practice is the same, and they aren’t all seeking the same patients. We create a custom strategy that fits with your practice’s specialty and attracts your targeted patients. You’re practice is unique; your digital marketing strategy should be too. 

  • We are in 2019

     The world of medicine is constantly changing, and we take pride in keeping up with all the newest trends and information. We take the time to research your specialty and learn everything we can about your practice in order to provide the most relevant and credible content possible. 

  • You are in charge

     We won’t publish anything without your consent, doctor’s orders! Once we’ve developed a strategy for your practice, we create a monthly calendar that will include all planned content for you to review and approve before anything goes live. 

How Digital Marketing can turn your investment into a profit

 Our mission is to help you meet your practice’s goals while building a better brand for yourself and your services. 


  1. Number of patients- Let us increase the number of patients that come in, so that your practice continues to grow.
  2. Website visits- The more website visits you get, the more opportunities to connect with your future patients.
  3. Appearances in organic search results-Being in the top 10 of search results generates more traffic to your website.
  4. Referral traffic- Positive reviews will encourage future patients to make the call and schedule an appointment.
  5. Social media engagement- The more posts your patients like and share, the more it appears on their friends’ feeds; putting your practice in front of a larger audience.

How we market for Doctors & Surgeons 

  • Maximize your digital presence

    By using SEO and digital ads to increase your reach to potential patients and to help outrank your competing practices. 

  • Create Amazing Content

    We turn your potential leads into a life-long patients by presenting your targeted audience with unique and valuable content. 

  • Build your practice's online community

    We enhance patient engagement across all social media platforms by utilizing relevant blog posts, giveaways or special discounts, and invitations to leave feedback. 

  • Optimization for Best Results

    We constantly monitor all of your platforms and make improvements until we find the most effective digital marketing strategy for your audience. 

Marketing for a Small Practice

What are your goals for 2019?

Want to increase the number of patients that come to your practice?

Want to become the number 1 provider in your area?

Want to hire more doctors for your practice?

Well, whatever your goals are, we will create a digital marketing strategy that will be tailored to your practice. We will take the time to find out what you want to achieve and in what timeframe. We will build out a plan to help you achieve those goals, and present you with a beautiful dashboard at the end of every month. 

We know that you are very busy and want to concentrate on what you love without the hassle of getting new patients. By working with us to handle all of your marketing, you can enjoy the benifits without the headache and stress that comes with it. 

Contact us today and lets give your digital marketing plan a clean bill of health!

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We have generated over 384,356 leads for our clients using digital marketing.

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